The Rebirth of the Dragonborn

Another Dream

As soon as Graff, Rhogar, and Tor make it back to Brindol with the recently freed prisoners, they can think of nothing but sleep. The town’s council members understandingly offer them a place to rest for the night, free of charge of course. As the heroes slumber, each enjoying their own personal nirvana, everything goes dark. All of the visions they were having disappear into a numbing blackness. Soon after they all hear an identical deep booming voice. It is quickly recognized as Bahamut. “You have done well my children. You have risen up against your first challenge and conquered it. You have far to go yet, but you have made a good first step. However I must tell you there is another who will be joining your cause. SHE will present herself at the right time. She will be the first female general in your hopeful new clan. You must place your full trust in her. Remember all of your trials to prove yourself will present themselves to you and you must face them head on without hesitation. Now rest my children, rest well.”

The next morning Tor, Rhogar, and Graff awaken and feel completely rejuvenated. Upon coming downstairs to the inn they stayed at, everyone is talking excitedly. Tor keeps catching the words, “call to arms”, and “Bordrin’s Watch.” They learn Bordrin’s Watch is a keep in some moutnains far to the west. It has been able to keep all of the Orc from the other side of the mountains at bay. Now something is different and it is feared that the Orcs will breach the walls and come down and invade the rest of the world.

Realizing that this is obviously one of Bahamut‘s trials the heroes quickly accept the charge, recieve directions, and head out towards Overlook, where they are to meet and recieve further instructions. After dispatching the band of Orc’s they came accross just outside of Overlook, they finally reach the city. Upon entering, they are led directly to the great hall along with many other adventurers. Once there, again taking on jobs that no one else dares to, they accept their quest to go to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to warn the priests.

The heroes quickly learn that they are too late and the monastery has been overrun with Orcs, and the priests have been slaughtered and used as Orcish snacks. The heroes decend further and further into the lower levels until one of their comrades falls in battle. With Tor down they are forced to try to fortify their position as best they can to give them a chance to rest.



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