Monastery of the Sundered Chain

The monastery includes the following areas:

This area includes the monastery, the courtyard, and the outer walls. The entire site butts up against the mountains, which serve as the fourth wall. The outer walls stand 50 feet tall and plinths spaced at regular intervals reinforce it. Access to the courtyard comes by way of a pair of 30-foot tall double doors, which are never locked. Inside the walls is the Hall of Moradin and the surrounding courtyard. Fine sand covers the courtyard and the spaces between endless rows of statues, each carved to commemorate the deeds of an ancient dwarf hero. The monastery is a looming structure capped with a red-tiled roof. Bas-reliefs adorn its exterior, capturing religious events and heroes in perfect stone carvings. Orcs have overrun the place, with a band outside in the courtyard and a second group in the Hall. The latter is defacing Moradin’s altar.

Hall of Heroes
Accessed by way of a concealed staircase inside the Hall of Moradin, the Hall of Heroes stretches out hundreds of feet below the monastery above it. Here, the monks slept and reflected on their devotion to their god. The Hall’s north end opens onto a switchback stair that drops even deeper into the mountain to the workshops far below. he once sacred areas house only carnage, for the Orcs overran the dwarves and slew them all, leaving their bodies to rot where they lay.

Chamber of Works
At the bottom of the great staircase is the Chamber of Works, where the monks honored their gods by producing fine dwarfcraft weapons, armor, and other goods, which they sold to feed and clothe themselves. The orcs now use this room to tease out the secrets from their prisoners, subjecting them to awful torment before feeding their bones to the fires.

Monastery of the Sundered Chain

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